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Malabar (Lachha) Paratha

Malabar, Laccha, Paratwala, Lachedar Paratha, whatever you call it, this Indian bread is delicious and unique.  Parat in punjabi means “layers” which is exactly what this bread has. What makes it unique is the flaky interior and crispy exterior. Think croissant but with less butter and not as labor intensive. You can easily find these… Continue reading Malabar (Lachha) Paratha

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Cardamom Spiced Shortbread with Cinnamon Chocolate!

UPDATE: Forgot the pic. Doh. I apologize for my lack of updates.  With Thanksgiving, family, and 10 pages final paper, I just did not have time to update this blog.  However, now I do so lets go! Ah the holidays, how I love it.  There’s something magical in the air when December rolls along.  Maybe… Continue reading Cardamom Spiced Shortbread with Cinnamon Chocolate!

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Masala Cheese Sandwich

Masala from Indian pickles + crushed up potato chips with vinegar and red chili powder + cheese = sandwich.  Yeah that’s not strange at all.  Who takes masala from indian pickle and combines it with vinegar and chili powder flavored crushed chips WITH cheese and calls it delicious?  Such sandwich exists, my friends, and it’s… Continue reading Masala Cheese Sandwich