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Tindora or Giloda Shaak: Ivory Gourd Subzi

Tindora, Giloda, Ivory Gourd nu shaak is a typical Gujarati cuisine. Some enjoy it and some do not; my husband and I happen to enjoy it. You’ll find this dish in almost every Gujarati household.  My mother-in-law’s tastes a bit different than my mom’s. I have even turned into mine by cutting up the gourds… Continue reading Tindora or Giloda Shaak: Ivory Gourd Subzi

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Malabar (Lachha) Paratha

Malabar, Laccha, Paratwala, Lachedar Paratha, whatever you call it, this Indian bread is delicious and unique.  Parat in punjabi means “layers” which is exactly what this bread has. What makes it unique is the flaky interior and crispy exterior. Think croissant but with less butter and not as labor intensive. You can easily find these… Continue reading Malabar (Lachha) Paratha