Hi and welcome to My Thimble Thoughts! My name is Reema and I’m so glad you decided to browse this page to know me a bit better :). This blog was created a few years back to share my thoughts of being unemployed after college which turned into a food blog for a bit to help cure my insanity of being unemployed to finally starting my career and “taking a break” from this to now deciding to come back here. I missed blogging about recipes and my thoughts so I have decided to come back to that again. I promise I won’t abandon this time.

Some other important things that you may want to know…

  • I am from Massachusetts but was born and raised in good ‘ol Georgia.
  • I’m a graduate of Kennesaw State University (go Owls!) and got my degree in Biotechnology and survived to tell!
  • I am a newlywed and married the love of my life last July ’15!
  • Cooking and baking are my stress relievers. Husband is not complaining about it 😉
  • We adopted a Shorthair Domestic Cat from the Humane Society two years ago and named him Oliver (Olie for short). He’s our crazy kitty and love him to pieces.
  • I’m a huge chocoholic. Husband knows what we’re going to order for dessert if there’s chocolate on the menu.
  • I own so many spices that my spice shelf is running out of space. I’m still itching for some more.
  • I despise cakey brownie. My belief is if you prefer cake brownie, might as well have it in cake form. Fudge is the way to go.
  • I’m a firm believer that there is no one right way to cook or bake something.  Everyone adds their own unique touch to their dish therefore no certain dish will be exactly the same.
  • I believe that you can learn one’s culture through their food. This is why when I’m visiting other countries, I prefer to venture on my own, rather than take a tour, and find all the local joints and try what they like to eat.

I promise to keep my blog entertaining and exciting! Thanks for stopping by 🙂



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