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Botiwalla Restaurant Review

The husband and I love to eat out at various restaurants. One of our new favorite places to go for good food has been Ponce City Market in the Old 4th Ward district of Atlanta.  They converted the old Sears building into a shopping and food hall which is literally walking distance from our home. If you live in Atlanta and have not visited this place, I highly recommend it.  They have everything from Italian to Mexican to Smoothies and even Gelato, which is delicious!

You can only imagine our excitement when we learned that a new restaurant would be coming to PCM called Botiwalla, a take on Indian street food.  We have been eagerly waiting since last Fall for this place to open up and it finally did this past Monday.  Of course the hubby and I went to go check it out last night.

The open kitchen!


Botiwalla is a sister restaurant to Chai Pani, another great street food restaurant in Decatur (and Asheville, NC!). As you enter the restaurant, the first thing you hear is the sound of Bollywood music followed by the smell of all the spices and tandoor meat. The restaurant is decorated like it would be in one of those hole in the wall restaurants in India; random movie posters, pictures of Bhagwan (Indian Gods and Goddesses), random signs and an open kitchen so you can watch them cook your food.


What was cool about this place was the spice and snack stand right in front of the restaurant. They had cardamom cookies for sale along with some spices and Chikki, a Gujarati sweet made from Jaggery, nuts, and sesame seeds (think similar to brittle). Of course since I am a spice fanatic, I just had to buy their freshly made garam masala!

Fresh garam masala powder for sale!

Now, lets get to the menu, which I know you’re all wanting to know :).  It’s “americanized” street food.  They have everything from chaats to mini burgers with fresh naan or parathas to wrap it in. Everything in this restaurant is made fresh, just like how Chai Pani is.  They are still working on their liquor license but until then, feel free to order their lassis (mango smoothie), nimbu pani (lemon water), or even indian bottled sodas such as Limca or Thumbs Up!

Their spice shelves! 

Food wise, the husband and I ordered 3 dishes: paneer tikka wrap in naan, lamb burgers, and masala smashed potatoes served with Maggi tomato sauce.

First off, the paneer tikka wrap: The paneer was soft, smokey from the tandoor, slightly spicy, and flavorful. The paneer reminded me of the paneer tikka I had from a street vendor in Ahmedabad back in ’99. It was juicy and lemony from the chaat masala. The desi slaw added a nice crunch and coolness to the wrap. It was messy but addicting.

Paneer Tikka Wrap

Lamb burgers: Of course being that the husband is a lamb fanatic, he went straight for this one. The lamb was juicy and spicy from the ginger and garlic.  The burgers were brushed with ghee (clarified butter) which added a nice nuttiness to the buns.  The burger also had Maggi tomato sauce which gave some sweetness yet tanginess. If anyone knows us, we only keep Maggi in our home instead of regular ketchup. If you’ve never had it, I highly recommend you try it and see what the craze is all about.

Lamb Burgers

Masala Smashed Potatoes: If you ever grew up eating Aloo Sandwiches, this is exactly what it tastes like.  Plus, it’s served with Maggi sauce. Need I say more?

Masala Smashed Potatoes with Maggi

Overall, we are obsessed with this place! If you ever want to try Indian food, I recommend checking this place out. It’s definitely now going to be our go to spots :).


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