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Our Wedding Part 1: the pre-wedding

My husband and I have been married for almost 8 months now and it’s been great. I can’t help but look back occasionally on how beautifully our wedding went. Mainly because we both did not stress at all. At the end of the day, all we cared about was getting married.

My last day of work prior to our wedding week was July 10, 2015. I came back to my apartment, packed up, and my sister drove me off. Some of our family members were staying with us already to help my parents out with prepping so it was so nice to step in to my parents home and my sister yell “The bride is here!”. Finally, the week has finally arrived. Rather than going into details, I’ll just post pictures for these events!

Sunday, July 12th 2015: Engagement Day!


Tuesday, July 14th 2015: Sangeet/Garba

Note: I was wearing glasses until my Vidhi since I scratched my cornea from the fake eyelashes I wore for the engagement. I was expecting to either get sick, get a bee sting, etc anyways since something usually happens to the bride the wedding week. However, with that said, you could not even tell I injured my eye since I was completely stress free. No, seriously.


Wednesday July 15th 2015: My mehndi


The colors and jewels were just there for picture purposes but they fell off after a few hours.


Thursday night before the Vidhi. At 2:00am. Struggle bus the next morning.

Friday July 17 2015: My Vidhi!


Friday night we had family dinner at an Indian restaurant and we all ended up at our wedding hotel’s bar for the next couple hours. The best story I have for Friday night: Husband’s family were sitting in the lounge area, talking and drinking red wine when all of the sudden you hear one of my cousin’s, who was at the bar with the rest of my cousins, scream to me “REEMA! GET OVER HERE AND TAKE A SHOT!”

If you did not notice a theme between two families: we love food, we love booze, and we all love having a good time. July 18th was even better which I will do in a future post :).



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