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I’m featured in a magazine!


So there it this pretty well known Asian magazine called “Desh Videsh” that can be found online and at any Indo-Pak grocery stores.  About a month ago, we received an email from one of the editors saying that we were picked to be part of their March Wedding Special magazine.  We were both floored and beyond blessed. Immediately we answered all their interview questions and sent it back.

This morning, we received an email stating that the magazine is now out and how I am on the COVER of their magazine. Again, I was in shock and completely floored. All that “stress” that came from the wedding planning does not matter.  For my parents, this is a HUGE blessing especially planning their first wedding. Both the husband and I are so blessed and cannot thank everyone who were part of that big day.

I will be doing a huge wedding post in the coming posts but for now, I shall leave you with the link where you can view the magazine and our spread! You can also find this magazine at any Indian grocery store. We will also be featured in the “My Shaadi Bridal Expo”, possibly!

Desh Videsh Wedding Special



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